Privacy Policy

Protocol on the Protection of Personal Information

This protocol outlines the practices and policies on Privacy in force for , its subsidiaries and affiliates in the collection of personal information related to (hereinafter called the “Site” ) and their use and dissemination.

As part of this protocol, “personal information” means any information about an identifiable individual, as defined in applicable Canadian laws .

Collection of Personal Information

The registration form asks users of the Site to enter their contact information ( such as name and email address ) to answer questions and other information used by to provide its services. uses the coordinates of the users to send them the information they requested on the Site or services offered by . offers users the option of completing a secure online form. One of the objectives of the Site is to gather contact information that customers voluntarily provide. The coordinates can also be used to communicate with customers as needed. We do not collect data such as social security number or credit card number .

User of site understands and agrees that the information will be routed to one or more life insurance agencies , in order to propose relevant SEVERAL proposals. The user of this website agrees, by completing the form and sending it to share information with life insurance agencies to obtain proposals via email or telephone in order to shop for the best proposal .

We use the data collected to enable our partners to deliver solutions tailored to the needs of companies seeking a life insurance policy or other type of insurance.

Online surveys collect visitor’s contact information (such as email address) and demographic information. uses the coordinates to send users information about our products and services. Users have the option of removing their contact information from mailing lists by sending an email to

Disclosure of personal information and Security protects personal information against loss of information and information misuse, using security safeguards appropriate to the confidentiality of information . However, it is possible that any information transmitted via the Internet may be intercepted by unknown third parties. We do not collect any social insurance number or credit card number from the web .

If necessary, users of the site have the opportunity to withdraw from our mailing lists, removing their contact information from our database, or choose to no longer receive our service. If you no longer wish to receive our press releases, please contact us by email or phone. Information about this can be found in the following paragraph.

Contact Us

Users of our website can contact team by calling at (514) 581-4311 or by sending us an email at, for any questions related to protection of information on this Site or the collection of personal information carried by , use, distribution or backup. For further inquiries, please contact our team at the following address:

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